Among the most exciting experiences that you can do to 

Gropparello Castle is to sleep in the Tower suspended between the drawbridge and the central courtyard!

Each according to his mood may feel Knight or Lady in the Tower of the Castle, or soldier on guard 

to defend the fief from the assaults of the enemy, or pilgrim traveling guest of Castellani, 

or Ghost Busters with a passion for nature!

Our Proposal

Sleep in the Gropparello Castle and Go Free Expo

Magical Week End at the Castello of Gropparello


Magical Week end at the Castello of Gropparello with mom and dad!

More information about the Tower of Barn - Suite in the castle


The suite is suspended above the drawbridge and allows looks on three sides outside the castle and the courtyard

  through delicious windows and front door.

       The light that filters through the glass thin beats on whitewashed walls and ceilings in wooden beams and tiles of

  cooked. There are no curtains on the windows raw linseed-weave and the floor is red terracotta century.

      It is 4 rooms plus bath carved into the rock, but despite being small as a wedding favor,

  Amazon has a wonderful hydro massage shower with color therapy.



The cost of accommodation is included in the first tank of the refrigerator

(still and sparkling water, beer, cola, iced tea, 2 snacks)






At the entrance of Castle Park of Castle, in the Gorge of Vezzeno,  is Medieval Tavern a local restaurant wher nature, history and traditions are the magical setting of splendid banquet or unforgettable medieval dinner!


Festive Menù


Menus Gala Parties or Weddings


Green spaces for children