Fairy Tales Park

On the ancient rocks of the fief of Gropparello Castle there is a forest with a magical and timeless atmspheare, where you created the Fairy-Tale Park, the first park emotional of Italy, where you can enjoy a magical experience out of time immersed in a natural setting of ancient rocks and old trees. But those who lived in the woods? They lived the Fairies, Fairies, Elves, Druids ... and then .....Read more              

Fantastic Days at the Castle: every Sunday in July and August

At the Castle of  Gropparello ...
Where reality and fantasy mingle with strange alchemy and the children get older, while the big kids come back!


Visit Enchanted between the rooms and the secrets of the castle, in the wake of costumed characters from the medieval past
that will take you on a journey through history and fable

Egg Hunt Dragon

Treasure hunt that will involve all the children holding a ticket only
Here, between the Gorges Vezzeno where dragons still use hatching, the Great Wizard has long expected the army of young riders that give meaning to his premonition and protection to the manor, which would be threatened by a serious danger.
During the spring, in one of the many days of meditation, including the winds that dominate the throats of ancient rocks, the mentor of Arthur has in fact had the vision of an army coming from distant lands, in the service of an enemy king, fast Approaching the castle, moved by intentions of siege and conquest.
But a white dragon, commanded by a young knight would be able to defeat him, after a long battle. The vision said that the dragon was commanded by a young knight, who in the first moon of spring had found a dragon egg under the walls of the castle, and that being present at hatching egg, had become the knight of the dragon for enjoying the whole life of his loyalty and his great strength. He would be called the First Knight of the Dragon defender Castle Gropparello.Merlino therefore expected throughout the spring they got brave young to accompany the big test: The search of the egg of the Dragon, to defeat enemy armies.
Now the time has come: the Sundays of July and August helped by Morgana and Viviana and young fauns the world land sleepers - the little knights arrived from everywhere, will create a great treasure hunt, the end of which the most worthy - that will get the investiture First Knight of the Dragon, defender of the Castle of Gropparello - find the Egg Dragon

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